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about burdyflyaway

Burdy started out of a need for a creative outlet while going about a busy life, full of babies, and toddlers. It was a need that was met by making fun things to dress mamas and babies in. Adding sanity to a somewhat insane time of life.

Over the years it has grown beyond imagination. What started as simple applique baby clothes for friends, has turned into women's dresses, the essential hoodies, tee's, skirts, pants and anything else we find and fall in love with.

We start with high quality garments made by innovative American companies such as American Apparel, or Alternative Earth. We choose our colors carefully, and hand-dye our garments, to create the color palette burdy is known for.

We then Create and cut unique designs from eco-spun felt or recycled material, layering the pieces to add interest and

detail, always trying to push further and innovate. Using a sewing machine we applique on our designs adding artistic detail to each piece. Making garments as unique as the ones that wear it.
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